Saturday, May 30, 2009


Another charmer

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is to say

As tired as you all must be of following my prolific blogging activities, I feel I must not stop now. My mind is exhausted from churning out post after post, my fingers worn to stubs from typing typing typing. But the words will not relent and the need of the soul to express itself overwhelms the other paltry demands of living, of buying bread and making beds. I cannot fold laundry any more. The blog is waiting. Let the dishes fester in the sink, the furniture dust itself, the car purchase its own gasoline. Let deadlines self-destruct and may roses rise out of the ashes. This white space, this nourishing canvas of limitless possibility, needs to be filled. Let the blog live.


Strawberries are back in fashion. So are mangoes. Both make excellent smoothie material.


Last Sunday my friends and I went out for lunch and found ourselves in a roomful of mothers. Not having our own present we crept shamefacedly around the buffet and pretended not to enjoy the mango dal. The lady in front of us had a tremor in her hands and her plate kept wobbling as she tried to serve herself. Noticing this, her daughter left her own lunch and came to her mother's side. Steadying the plate with one hand, she chirpily talked her mother through the menu and filled her plate with the other. They walked back to their table together.

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