Thursday, May 03, 2007


The first time I read it I couldn't figure it out. PBJ? Is that really the name of a sandwich? It sounded too clunky, too intense to be a sandwich - a law firm, maybe, or a corporate merger, crunched together for distinction. Not a sandwich. And then someone explained it to me. PBJ is peanut butter and jelly. That gooey, sticky indispensable meal of childhood. And strangely enough, the acronym made sense. The clunk, the intensity, the cramped splendor. The roof of your mouth wedded to bread.

PBJ. It's not just a sandwich. It's an institution.


Anonymous Anjum said...

yes! awesome. please convey this to akds, who (as far as I know) has never had a PBJ sandwich.

11:09 AM  
Blogger karrvakarela said...

Thanks, Anjum. I don't beliewe akds has never had a PBJ.

5:27 AM  

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