Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Saw Volver this morning. Of all the Almodovar films I've seen this is probably the one with the most restraint, with none of the false ambience, the shrill splashes of color that characterize his style. Volver has a quiet radiance that stays with you after the movie's ended. I liked the characters, especially Sole, the lonely, naive sister who sincerely believes she's living with a ghost and Agustina, the wonderful, big-hearted neighbour who fills the screen with strength and grace whenever she comes on. Even Penelope Cruz doesn't manage to chafe as much as she usually does. Although too glamorous and not quite adept at filling the smaller nuances of a character like Raimunda, she does a decent job of making us feel for her character's life. Of course, this being an Almodovar movie, all the women have to be looking gorgeous, even if they're mopping blood off the floor after a hard day at work. Still, it's a pleasant diversion from the usual conceits. Watch it if you get a chance.

PS. Apparently they have a Carrefour in Spain as well.


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